What Would You Do Wednesday? Fireworks

At News Views, we’re always trying something to get y’all out here talking. This week, I’ve presented an upcoming issue that affects many of us: Fireworks.

First the stats:

“In the United States an average of 45,000 people visit emergency rooms because of injuries sustained on July 4th and 5th , culminating in 91,000 visits. “

CPSC report found here:

Sure, fireworks are a part of our Fourth of July celebrations but, should we only have fireworks’ displays versus lighting them off in our own yards or streets? Do we continue this practice especially out west where some states are experiencing severe drought? With COVID-19 still raging in some states, large gatherings to view the displays could be rather dangerous resulting in an uptick of COVID-19 cases.

Then there’s the money making aspect of fireworks:

“Church groups, community centers and school organizations sell the fireworks and say they get to keep about half of the profit.”

Most groups say if they work one stand for four days, they can raise about $10,000, making this their biggest fundraiser of the year.”

So, what do you think about fireworks? Should we only allow them at displays held at outdoor coliseums, amphitheaters, fairgrounds, etc.? Or, do we continue allowing people to light them off as they please from the comforts of their own yards or street?

So, your task, as the intelligent lot you are, is to discuss the dilemma. Answer any and all questions you want but share your ideas with your fellow News Viewers. Feel free to share your thoughts on what to do about fireworks, if anything.

Hope you enjoy- Please understand that this is not a free chat thread. Please post to the topic; share your ideas, answer the questions I asked, and offer up any solutions/ideas, etc. you may have.

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