Ohio Cop Fired for Using Stun Gun on Students During Class

A resource officer at Perkins High School, Tonya Corbin, was teaching a self-defense class for female students at the school on May 19 when she brought a stun gun to the class and used it on two students, ages 17 and 18, authorities said.

Corbin initially denied using the stun gun, saying she had allowed the students to use it themselves. The two students and a teacher at the school disputed that claim, and Corbin eventually admitted to deploying the stun gun, authorities said.

The self-defense class had been provided to students in the past, but this was the first time Corbin was leading it, officials have said.


In 2018, a Smithville Ohio school resource officer activated a taser in an attempt to wake up a sleeping student in a classroom.

In that case, no probes were deployed and the Taser did not touch the student.

News 5 Cleveland

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