Gunz: Georgia Man Threatens to Shoot Butts County Teen For Urinating on Toilet Seat

On the afternoon of June 1, a sheriff’s deputy in neighboring Monroe County was sent to the shop on High Falls Road to see what was the matter. The teen told the deputy he had used the restroom and gone out to finish working when a man “came outside and began to yell about the pee on the toilet seat.”

The man, 36, was then said to have pulled out a handgun, cocked it and, according to an incident report, told the teen, “Come down here, I’m gonna shoot you in your (redacted).”

The deputy spoke to the alleged gunman who admitted having confronted “everyone outside the business in reference to pee being on the toilet seat,” the report added.

The man was arrested on aggravated assault and other charges. The report said he first claimed to have pointed a “radar gun” at the teen but later, after a pistol turned up hidden in box of glass doors, the man said he lied because, as the report put it, “he was scared.”

The Telegraph

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