Freeeedum! COVID-19 cases rise sharply in nearly half of the US States; Delta variant and the unvaccinated to blame

Over the Fourth of July weekend, the United states saw a rise in COVID-19 cases in nearly half of the states. The highly transmittable Delta variant is to blame as well as low vaccination rates.

According to a USA TODAY Network analysis of Johns Hopkins University data shows:

  • Alaska and Arkansas more than doubled cases in just the last week.
  • South Carolina and Kansas are up more than 50%.
  • Missouri = scary: The number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients jumped by nearly 30% over the Fourth of July weekend in a hard-hit area where immunization rates are low, leading to a temporary ventilator shortage and a public call for help from respiratory therapists. Missouri leads the nation with the most new cases per capita in the past 14 days; 39.4% of residents there are fully vaccinated.
  • COVID-19 cases in Mississippi increased by almost 15% in June. As usual, Mississippi is dead last in important matters. Their vaccination rate is the lowest in the country. Dr. Fauci advises people to wear a mask if visiting the state. About 95% of those hospitalizations have been in unvaccinated Mississippians, officials said.

A look at state by state vaccination rates:

And on another note about the vaccines:

The BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine appears less effective at preventing COVID-19 cases resulting from the Delta coronavirus variant but remains highly effective at preventing hospitalization, according to early data from Israel.

From June 6 to July 2, the vaccine demonstrated 64 percent efficacy at preventing cases and 94 percent effective at preventing hospitalizations, the Israeli health ministry announced late Monday, according to Ynet news.


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