VP Harris Announces $25 Million DNC Voting Rights Campaign

Calling the partisan struggle over voting rights “the fight of our lifetime,” Vice President Kamala Harris announced a $25 million investment by the Democratic Party in voting education and access.

She made the announcement on Thursday at her alma mater, Howard University, a historically Black university in Washington.

Democrats intend to bolster voter education, voter protection, targeted voter registration and deployment of new technology to increase voter access.

On July 1, the Supreme Court upheld an election reform law passed in Arizona which the DNC alleged would disenfranchise voters of color.

On Wednesday, the Texas House Republicans submitted a 47-page draft ahead of a special legislative session to address “election integrity.” The bill would add identification requirements for mail voting and ban drive-thru and overnight early voting, add criminal penalties to the election process, as well as empower partisan poll watchers.

USA Today

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