Free Chat Friday, Week 27

Friday AGAIN? Happy Friday News Viewers, as we recognize that yes, we’ve moved forward in time one week while at the same time, we have moved absolutely nowhere, while at the same time we have moved backward.. . . . . (cue Twilight Zone intro music….. 😉

What is Rachel talking about? (you may ask. . . .) I’m talking about the strange and the familiar circumstances we find ourselves in in this country.

Forward movement: This is us, as we try to progress through a process of voting and legislating through which every voice is heard.

Stalled, stopped and stalemated non-movement: This is us as we wake up to the reality of a process of voting and legislating that is so bifurcated that no voice heard so no negotiation, no compromise, no real change is made.

Backward motion: This is us, as we watch in amazement the tedious and destructive repetition: — the forces of authoritarianism vs. democracy, of rich exploiting the poor, of race as an indicator of what is deserved and what is inflicted, of gender as a list of behaviors, expectations, limitations and entitlements, of superstition more valued than science.

This is us, running to stand still (in the words of U2……)

So right here and right now being all that we really have, let’s talk about it. Whether they are issues of life’s meaning, what’s funny, what we’re doing or what bird escaped the clutches of what cat, it’s all relevant on Free Chat, where voices are heard, issues and experiences remembered, civil rhetoric applauded and trolly-rude-cliquish-a-hole talkers escorted to the time out chair. . . . . 😉

So on this Friday July 9, 2021, what’s on your mind?