Guilfoyle Irritates Trump Over Missouri Campaign Position

Kimberly Guilfoyle is making Daddy Trump mad.

Politico says aides are reporting that Don Jr.’s girlfriend is making the former guy upset by profiting off from the Trump name, and working for the wrong people.

In April, Guilfoyle was appointed as the national chair for Eric Greitens’ bid for Roy Blunt’s position as Missouri’s U.S. Senator alongside fellow Senator Josh Hawley. Trump is not interested at this time in endorsing Greitens. In March, Greitens enjoyed a 40-point lead over other primary contenders.

 ‘Why the f— is she working for him?’” asks Trump.

Greitens is the former governor of Missouri, who resigned in 2018 from office as the state legislature considered impeachment. Greitens was charged with two felonies over an affair with his hairdresser, whom he was accused of blackmailing with nude pictures of her if she ever revealed the affair. Those charges were dropped, but just weeks later then-Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley charged Greitens with felony tampering with computer data over allegations that he improperly took a donor list from a nonprofit group he’d founded to help his political campaign. Those charges were dropped when Greitens resigned his position as governor.

The Missouri senate GOP primary is crowded and includes Mark McCloskey, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault when he and his wife waved guns at BLM protesters. McCloskey entered the race in May.

Trump is looking at other contenders Billy Long and Eric Schmitt, who showed up to visit him at Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster. Greitens also has a link to Mike Pence, further disadvantaging him from Trump’s endorsement.

Other reports say that Guilfoyle’s position in the Greitens campaign will not even earn the endorsement from her boyfriend Junior Mint, let alone Daddy Trump — even while Rudy and Andrew Giuliani are pressuring Trump to endorse Greitens.

Local source here, backstory at CNN