Ohio’s Tim Ryan (D) Senate Fundraising Hits Record High

U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, who is running as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate, raised $2.28 million in the second quarter — more than any candidate for the 2022 race in Ohio raised between April and June from donors.

It’s also the most money any Democratic challenger for Senate in the state has ever raised in the second quarter in a non-election year.

Current Ohio Senator Rob Portman, (R) has decided not to run again.

◾️Rep. Tim Ryan serves  Ohio’s 13th congressional district which runs from from Youngstown to Akron

◾️Ryan’s $2.28 million is among the largest amounts raised in the second quarter among nonincumbent candidates for the Senate in the nation.

◾️96 percent of contributions were less than $100.

◾️The average online contribution was just under $27.

◾️Contributions came from all 88 Ohio counties.

The Youngstow Vindicator

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