A Capitol riot defendant who threatened to hang Nancy Pelosi said she didn’t need an attorney because she was divinely immune from the court’s laws

A Pennsylvania pizzeria owner arrested and charged in connection to the January 6 Capitol attack, demanded the removal of “any and all” defense attorneys on her behalf, arguing that she is a divine entity immune from the court’s laws.

Prosecutors say Pauline Bauer, was among the hundreds of pro-Trump protesters who broke into the US Capitol on January 6 in an attempt to halt the certification of Joe Biden’s presidency. Bauer attempted to organize mass transportation to bus people to DC for the Trump rally that preceded the attack, and once inside the building, she told police she wanted to kill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, court documents say.

“Bring Nancy Pelosi out here right now,” Bauer can be heard saying on body-worn camera footage from inside the Capitol rotunda, according to prosecutors. “We want to hang that f—ing b—-.”

Now, in a series of bizarre court filings made late last month, Bauer is insisting on representing herself and is claiming to have special legal privileges as a “self-governed individual.”

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