Team Trump Wants Distance from QAnon

Trump? Not so much

Trump aides have made efforts to keep QAnon a bug and not a feature of Trumpworld through the years, although the efforts have not always been successful. QAnon merchandise fell under a blanket policy of removing any non-Trump signs or slogans from Trump rallies, and they continue to downplay the influence QAnon has in the overall MAGA movement.

At the MAGA rally in Sarasota, two QAnon promoters gained access despite the Trump team’s efforts, who were not happy.

However, the former guy doesn’t seem as disappointed as he has refused to disavow the QAnon movement, and embraces some prominent QAnon supporters, such as Ashli Babbitt and the pillow guy.

Mike Lindell says he has proof that China hacked the election, and that proof will re-instate Trump in August, and Team Trump is upset and worried by Lindell’s claims.

“You want to tell people you think the election was stolen? Well that’s your opinion,” said a former Trump adviser. “But if you say in August Trump’s coming back to office, that’s no longer your opinion, now some crazy s— is going to happen and you’re not offering any proof. And it’s beyond just saying ‘Hey, I’m personally convinced the election is stolen.’”

But Trump himself has given Lindell a wink and a nod by stating himself he would return to the White House in “2024, or before,” and called out Lindell at an Ohio rally as a “patriot.”

QAnon is problematic according to the Department of Homeland Security, who told members of Congress recently that QAnon theorists are being followed online, being watched for threats. QAnon experts suspect the investment of time involved by QAnon followers when they don’t get the results they are expecting will be troublesome.

Politico had this story.