Conservatives Hawking “Freedom Phones”

Made In China

Pro-Trump world is celebrating a new phone that liberates them from Big Tech censorship and comes souped up and pre-loaded with all the great conservative apps like Parler, MeWe, and Rumble, as well as all the MAGA news you can use from OAN and Newsmax apps.

Freedom Phone buyers get all of this and more for $500, but it turns out Freedom Phone appears to be merely a more expensive rebranding of a cheap Chinese Android available elsewhere for a fraction of the Freedom Phone’s price.

Experts recognize the phone as a Umidigi A9 Pro, a Chinese phone that can be found for as low as $119, and is notorious for its poor security due largely to its use of processors from Taiwanese company MediaTek. One security expert says MediaTek processors are common in North Korea, due to their low-security nature, which allows their government to implement backdoor surveillance.

There is little to know about the features of the Freedom Phone because the website lists zero specs about the device.

If you’re still interested in purchasing a Freedom Phone, there are some ways to get the price down. Conservative figures are endorsing the phone, and by entering a special code you can receive up to a $50 discount. It’s unclear whether these promoters are grifting some kickbacks.

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