Last Call: July 17, 2021

So, the heat came back today and it sucks. So, COVID-19 cases have risen and it sucks. So, today I spent the day out in the suburbs with my mom, hubby finished a project for her, and that equally sucked. We had to make a few mad dashes to the hardware box store to get some parts for the project and that really, really sucked. Although we’re all fully vaccinated, we made my mom wear a mask. She’s so funny: “If these fucknuts would just get a vaccine, I wouldn’t have to wear this shit on my face, selfish assholes.”

Ok…so, guess where I got it from??? Anyone? Oh, and a hint, my father was worse and our personalities are way more similar.

And…since social media is hell bent on NOT stopping the spread of misinformation regarding the vaccines, a few of us are now part of Team Exposed.

Please let me know if you have run into any websites that spread misinformation about the vaccines but…they have to use Disqus as a commenting platform. Stay tuned! Bigly announcement coming soon.

All kidding aside about the stay tuned BS, enjoy what’s left of the weekend and stay safe. Mask up, especially when interacting with a MAGAt.

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