GUNZ: Police Say Woman Killed Boyfriend Over Texts to Other Woman !

DATELINE: SIBLEY, Mo. —Katie Black, 25, was at the scene of the shooting when officers and medics arrived, police said, and told investigators conflicting stories about what had transpired. Black first told police her boyfriend was shot during a struggle with an unknown man outside her boyfriend’s vehicle.

She later admitted to shooting her boyfriend, 29, police said, but described the shooting as an accident, saying he walked in front of her gun while she was practicing shooting. She then said she fired the gun in the boyfriend’s direction to scare him but wound up shooting him. Black told investigators she and the man had argued before the shooting, police said.

A witness told police Black was angry after finding romantic text messages from her boyfriend to other women.

She currently resides at the Jackson County jail. She has a $50,000 bond.

She’s not in a relationship at the moment, so bail her out and she’s yours!


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