Florida Woman Gets Probation After Throwing A Whopper And Racial Slurs At Burger King Employee

It all started last May when Judith Black, 77, reportedly became upset about the thickness of the tomato in her sandwich. The woman reportedly went to the front counter and expressed her frustration to a Sumter County Burger King Emoloyee [sic]

The employee told officers she informed Black that she couldn’t help until she stopped screaming, and that’s when Black threw the Whopper at the employee’s head and begin shouting racist slurs.

“Shut up you Black b*tch,” she allegedly told the staffer, before using the n-word multiple times as she left the restaurant with her husband.

◾️There was no word if the tomato slice was too thick, or too thin.

◾️Employees got Black’s license plate number, and police found her.

◾️Black was arrested and charged with felony battery. 

◾️She’s now on a year’s probation, fined $785 and has to go to anger management class.

Tampa Free Press

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