#TuckerTantrum: Rep. Swalwell posts a heated text exchange with Tucker Carlson that Tucker is ‘losing his mind that I won’t return his calls’

Rep. Eric Swalwell

Rep. Eric Swalwell took aim at Tucker Carlson on Twitter Friday, sharing a screenshot of a testy text exchange the two shared.

Swalwell, a Democrat from California, said he is refusing to return Carlson’s calls due to things the Fox News host has said about him and his family in the past.

“After years of lying about me and my family, @TuckerCarlson is losing his mind that I won’t return his calls. Sorry, Tucker, I’m just not that into you. Who knows what lie he’ll tell next? #TuckerTantrum,” Swalwell wrote.

Carlson’s response to that was brief: “Coward.”

Earlier this week, Carlson aired a segment titled, “Eric Swalwell Has a Problem With Money,” in which he said, “Most interestingly on the disclosure form, more than $20,000.00 of Eric Swalwell’s campaign expenditures went to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California. Now, weirdly or maybe not so weirdly, Eric Swalwell’s wife is an executive at that very hotel.” Carlson has also accused Swalwell himself of sleeping with a Chinese spy.

Source: Business Insider and The Daily Beast