Michele Bachmann: DC on Jan 6 ‘Was One of the Happiest Places I’ve Ever Been in’

Standing outside the Capitol, Bachmann claimed that Trump supporters had nothing to do with the riot, saying those who gathered that day for the “Stop the Steal” rally were peaceful Christians who came to pray.

“The days leading up to January 6, we were here, praying, walking up and down in the city, walking on the Mall, walking around this United States’ Capitol building,” Bachmann said. “On the morning of January 6 … we had a platform set up, we had a permit, we had a worship band, and we had a number of Christians that were here. I have to tell you — on January 5 and January 6, Washington D.C., was one of the happiest places I’ve ever been in.”

“[Trump supporters] were holding up banners proclaiming the name of Jesus,” Bachmann said. “They were holding a banners in support of President Trump. Why? They were supporting him because President Trump was standing for biblical values.”

Bachmann said that on that day, 5 buses drove up to the Capitol and people dressed completely in black got out.


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