Mellisa Carone Says We Are Definitely in the END TIMES !

Says it’s in the Bible, Has to Do With the Mark of the Beast !

“This is an experimental vaccine that has aborted baby tissue in it.

This right here, this is solid evidence we are definitely in the end times, it is the end of times, it’s in the Bible. This, this has something to do with, I believe, the mark of the beast. I do.

I mean, every sign is there.”

Mellissa Carone, a contract IT worker, first came to the nation’s attention when she was the Trump campaign’s star witness at a Dec. 2 Michigan state House hearing on the 2020 election.

Mellissa Carone (Republican Party) is running for election to the Michigan House of Representatives to represent District 46. She declared candidacy for the 2022 election.

She is endorsed by Mike Lindell and Roger Stone.



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