GUNZ: Man Shoots Fridge After Soda Can Explodes

YAKIMA, Wash. (KIMA) — Police say a Yakima, Wash. man is under arrest after he shot at his refrigerator, believing someone was shooting at him after a soda can exploded.

Officers responded to the scene, in the 700 block of South Naches Avenue, on Saturday after receiving reports that a man had opened fire at a refrigerator.

When they arrived they say the found the man outside the home in the alleyway, “yelling incoherently” with a gun lying in the middle of the road.

The man had been placing soda cans into the fridge when one exploded, police say. He mmediately pulled the pistol out of his waistband and fired a round into the bottom of the fridge.

The man later told police in an interview that the people who live in the basement wanted to kill him and that they had shot at him, so he fired in self-defense.

◾️Police determined no one lived below the man.

◾️Police say the house has no basement.

◾️When the man was questioned by police about the pistol, he said he found it two weeks previously.

◾️He was arrested for second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm, and discharge of a firearm.

2KUTV and Komo News

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