Maricopa County Defies Subpoenas Seeking to Expand an “Adventure in Never-Never Land”

Elected leaders in Maricopa County responded in defiance of a GOP Arizona Senate subpoena that sought computer routers, passwords, internal logs, and other various “election fraud” materials said to be necessary to conclude the fraudit of the 2020 election. The circus review has been largely funded by private groups supporting Trump and the Big Lie.

The deadline for the county and Dominion to respond to the subpoenas was 4:00pmET Monday.

Both the county and Dominion argued that some of the Senate’s requests are now moot because the Senate’s contractor, a Florida-based company called Cyber Ninjas, concluded its review of the ballots last week and returned them to Maricopa’s custody.

The Republican-led Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has said that the routers are used for county services other than elections, including the sheriff’s department, and that giving them to a private company could compromise security. What’s more, they said they are reluctant to assist an audit that they believe has been run ineptly and is undermining faith in democracy.

Senate President Karen Fann said the Senate was weighing its options, saying the county and Dominion’s resistance was breeding distrust.

The Senate’s options are unclear since the Arizona GOP Senate holds only a one-vote majority, and one of those Republicans, Paul Boyer, has become vocal about his opposition to the audit.

CNN and WaPo