Christian Camper Celebrates Minister’s Death From COVID: ‘He’s with Jesus’ !


DEADLINE: Davis, Oklahoma – The Rev. Wade Morris, an evangelist who spoke across the country, died Tuesday morning after contracting COVID-19. He was a guest speaker at Falls Creek Youth Camp last month. 

When a teenager named Braeden heard Reverend Morris had died, Braeden said, “I was very happy for him because, not only did he die doing what God called him to do—preaching at Falls Creek, that’s what God called him to do—but he’s with Jesus now.” 

Braeden said he and his family all tested positive for COVID-19 after the camp and that his father was hospitalized for a while.

“I wish we could have avoided all getting COVID, and I’m very sad about Wade passing. But the thing I remember from Wade, is that he was more concerned about God’s kingdom than where we are here on Earth,” Braeden said. 

No one knows how many people were infected from the Falls Creek camp.


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