Capitol Rally Announced to Protest on Behalf of “Political Prisoners”

Matt Braynard, TFG’s former Director of Data and Strategy for the 2016 campaign, announced a protest being organized at the Capitol on behalf of “political prisoners” who were charged in the January 6 insurrection.

The protest, “Justice for J6,”  has been set for Sept. 18 at the Capitol. It’s being orchestrated by the group Look Ahead America, headed by Braynard. 

“We’re going to push back on the phony narrative that there was an insurrection,” Braynard explained.

Braynard said the crowd was mostly “peaceful” and “egged on” by the Capitol Police.

Braynard said he has obtained permission from the Metropolitan PD for the rally, planned for the West Lawn of the Capitol.

A spokesperson for MPD would not confirm that a permit had been approved, and a Capitol Police spokesperson said the department is aware of the rally but could not discuss any permit or security plans.

Braynard said the rally is in support of only the “nonviolent” protesters, which include Ashli Babbit, who was shot as she crawled through a broken window to reach members of Congress as other “nonviolent” protesters chanted “Let’s go,” and “fuck the blue.”

Braynard says the rally will discourage any political signs or MAGA gear, as the protest is intended to focus on the “political prisoners” being jailed for their political beliefs instead of for the crimes they committed on January 6.

From Huffington Post; supplemental source at Vice