Last Call: August 7, 2021

It could actually be a nice day, not too hot, hot but doable. But, the smoke from the wildfires tearing up CA has now made its way to our neck of the woods and it is just awful. I tried to continue with my breaking plates project, (bringing out the Greek in me) but, between the smoke and those sweaty safety goggles, to hell with it; I’ll finish up later.

For those wondering why in the hell I am outside breaking plates, simple: I’m redoing the top of a TV stand /chest that one of my sons left behind when he moved out and I’m stuck with it. Whenever on of my sons move out, they leave stuff behind followed by a promise to get rid of the junk. But, that never happens. Most of their unwanted junk, I’ve gotten rid of excluding the girl dog whom I love dearly; she was a keeper and my youngest son can never have her back. Actually, I wouldn’t let him take her so, it’s not fair for me to say he left her behind. But, she was his dog.

So, I’m working on a mosaic project to free the stand from its boring, drab look, plus doing something creative, constructive, and fun. It no longer serves as TV stand; it’s become a plant stand; a perch for the Striped Shithead to look at the birds in my lemon tree; and a place for the Tuxedo Terrorist to copy ‘cat’ everything the Striped Shithead does, both her good and bad kitty stuff.

One thing that’s missing that would add an extra layer of joy to my project is my portable/bluetooth speaker so I could listen to music while breaking plates and cutting jagged edges. Yep, one of my sons borrowed it and has yet to return it. So, I just added another item to my list of things I will no longer loan that son: my speaker, he cango buy his own.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Be safe, smart, and continue to mask up—especially around MAGAts.

No, I’m not randomly throwing plates. I use a hammer and tile nippers/cutting thingys.


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