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U†ah Family Shares Regre† Over No† Ge††ing COVID-19 Vaccine

UTAH COUNTY — A Utah County woman was convinced her faith-based decision to keep her family-of-six unvaccinated was right, but that feeling didn’t last long after her husband contracted a severe case of COVID-19. Now, he’s fighting for his life in the hospital.

In better times Russell Greene told his wife Mindy to decide if the family should get vaccinated or not.

Mindy set about praying about it and when the answer came, the answer was the family would be fine without it.

Mindy felt good about her decision. When her 2 sons came home from camp infected with the Delta variant, she still felt that she had made the right choice.

Then her husband Russell caught the COVID at the end of June and within 4 days he landed in the ICU. He’s still there.

Now Mindy is sharing her story with others “who have been deceived by bad information from so-called experts online.”

Mindy now regrets her decision and if she had to do it again, she would choose to get the family vaccinated.

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At the hospital Russell told her, “You need to have faith that Jesus Christ still lives and miracles still happen or I won’t make it out alive.”

“I want people to know, that even in hard times, Christ lives, that miracles still happen, and that he’s still trying to protect us and he’s there to lift people that need to be lifted,” she said.

A GoFundMe* account has been started to pay the medical bills. The COVID-19 vaccine would have been free to them.


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