Biden Appointing Judges Faster Than Any President in the Last 40 Years

Joe Biden and Senate Democrats are pushing through federal judicial nominees faster than any president in the last 40 years, including Donald Trump.

Nine of Biden’s 33 nominees have already been confirmed, seven of whom were sworn in in the month of July alone, and another 14 are awaiting floor votes in the Senate.

At this point in 2017, Trump had appointed only five federal judges, including Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Biden is pressing ahead with a diversified bench that has been lacking women, people of color, and lawyers with a background in public interest, expanding the previous pool of judges who were predominantly former prosecutors and partners with a background in big business.

“This trailblazing slate of nominees draws from the very best and brightest minds of the American legal profession,” Biden said in a statement when he announced his first round of nominees in March. “Each is deeply qualified and prepared to deliver justice faithfully under our Constitution and impartially to the American people — and together they represent the broad diversity of background, experience, and perspective that makes our nation strong.”

From The Hill and Ballotpedia