Talko Tuesday: August 10, 2021

This is how August works for us:

  • One of my son’s birthday
  • One of my step-child’s b-days.
  • A sister and brother in law’s b-days.
  • Three of my step grand children’s b-days.

OH….and Athena, (Baby Baby), the Striped Shithead’s b-day is 8-16 and Prince (Little Boy, Little Boy, Little Prince) the Tuxedo Terrorist’s b-day is 8-26. Yes, the SPCA can peg their dates of birth to the day…amazing. We’re having a party with fish as the main entré and each get their own plant in hopes they will leave mine the hell alone! Nah…I’m not going all out; they know they’re special. I’m not that weird.

Not too mention, two of my uncle’s, no longer with me, birthdays were also in August….and our beloved, former president Barack Obama. OOOOOps…almost forgot, one of my favorite actors, who shares the same birthday as my son, Robert De Niro.

So, that’s August in a nutshell for us and it is FREAKING COSTLY!

After dropping nearly $1200 in car repairs, August blows. August now equals December in the months where we spend waaaaay too much money. I used to dread March because it was like December revisited…my mom, dad, favorite aunt, Nonna, all had March b-days. August is the new March, which is as costly as December.

Happy August. Keep your wallets close to the hip.

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