Free Chat Friday, Week 32

Happy Friday, News Viewers, or maybe I should say “Happy Reinstatement Day” the day You Know Who declared his reinstatement to the presidency. Since it hasn’t happened, from this day forward, Friday the 13th will no longer be a cursed unlucky day, instead it will be known as a lucky day, politically speaking, Pandemically speaking–not so lucky, but then it takes more than luck to beat a virus– luckily, humans have big brains and can survive through the clever use of science. . . . .oh, wait a minute. I was thinking of some other humans on that other earth, you know the ones who used brain power to fuel smart solutions…….

OH WELL. When in doubt, talk it out — let’s chat about it. This is Friday’s Free Chat, the place to go for serious, funny, thoughtful and thoughtless news, views, and everything in between. What’s going on with everybody? Tell it! 🙂

August 10, 2021: UN climate report
Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee