Mike Lindell Says He Was “Aggressively Poked” Leading to Claim He Was Attacked By Antifa

Mike Lindell at his cyber symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, explained that he was aggressively poked by a man who was seeking a photo with him on Wednesday.

That poke led him to report the incident to Sioux Falls Police Department where he claimed he was assaulted by a mysterious member of antifa.

Lindell explained that two “guys kind of ran” toward him in his hotel, and one said, “Can I get a picture?’”

One guy “put his arm around and stuck his finger, it was so much pressure,” Lindell said, without explaining where the finger was. He said he acted like he didn’t feel anything, but later doubled over in pain later in his hotel room.

The next day at the symposium, Lindell told the audience about the attack.

“I’m OK. It hurts a little bit. I just want everyone to know all the evil that’s out there.”

Later he claimed the attack was carried out by antifa.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem suggested Lindell hold his cyber symposium in her state, saying she “would love to host guests.”

Lindell claimed he had proof that the election was rigged by the Chinese, but Pillow Guy came up with nothing but fluff.

HuffPo and USNews