Texas Man Shot 6 Times Last Week Still Waiting for Surgery at Hospital Overwhelmed by COVID

Joel Valdez, a local business owner and father, spoke with us from his hospital room Friday evening. The Houston man was leaving Kroger early last Saturday morning, located along the 9100 block of W. Sam Houston Parkway, when he was shot six times by a stranger.

He had been shopping for his catering business when he witnessed a domestic dispute in the parking lot, KTRK-TV in Houston reported. 

He was fired on while driving out of the parking lot allegedly because the man didn’t like the way Valdez had looked at him during the argument. 

FOX 26

“I got shot in the neck right here, but I got hit three times in my left shoulder. That’s what is broken and what I’m awaiting surgery for,” he said.

Fox 26 reported that Amanda Callaway from the Harris Health System said: “In response to the increase in COVID-19 cases overwhelming the hospitals of Harris Health System, our medical experts review all surgical cases throughout the day to determine the acuity level and patient’s overall condition.

“Due to strained resources, surgical patients are being prioritized based on several factors, which unfortunately may result in a delay of non-emergent surgical procedures. Harris Health and its medical partners are working diligently to provide the best possible care during these difficult times,” she said.


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