Evangelical Pastor Greg Locke’s Church Vandalized:

‘Your Lies Cost Lives’ Spray-Painted on Wall

Lock shared images of the damage on Facebook later in the day. His pictures show the message “Your lies cost lives” spray-painted on a trailer at the church, while another inside on the pulpit said, “FU.”

Global Vision Bible Church has been scrutinized in recent weeks regarding its response to COVID-19, including a recent statement that church attendees will be asked to sit in their car if they arrive at the church wearing a mask.

Locke wrote about the graffiti on Facebook, saying: “He [the suspect] did quite a bit a damage before he was spotted. Kuddos [sic] to some of our peeps getting there and beginning to clean at 3:00 am this morning. Of all the things they do, painting my pulpit not only grieves me the most, it fires me up to want to fight more. WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN. WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED.”


Last Friday

(RNS) — A Tennessee Baptist school has canceled a contract to host an anti-masking, anti-critical race theory event featuring controversial pastor Greg Locke.

Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, was scheduled to host the final event on the “Freedom Matters” tour, which features Locke, anti-critical race theory activist and hoaxer James Lindsay, conservative radio talk show host Alan Keyes and other speakers.

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