Tucker Says Millions of Afghan Refugees Are Coming to America

Tucker Carlson says the left wants to bring an “invasion” of Afghan refugees to “your neighborhood,” and that in the coming decades the numbers could reach the millions.

“So first we invade, and then we are invaded. It is always the same,” Carlson added. 

While a host of Americans, Republican and Democrat alike, call for the rescue of the Afghans who worked alongside U.S. troops, Carlson mocked Mitt Romney for suggesting the U.S. should not stand idly by to watch the Taliban brutalize our allies in Afghanistan.

The Department of Defense has said the U.S. will provide “temporary housing, sustainment, and support” inside the US for up to 22,000 Afghan Special Immigration Visa (SIV) applicants and their families, possibly in Army garrisons at Fort Bliss in Texas, and Fort McCoy in Wisconsin.

Business Insider