Fox ‘News’ Requires Staff to Upload Vaccination Status

After months of several of Fox “News'” finest ‘journalists’ bagging on the COVID-19 vaccines and spreading misinformation about them, Fox ‘News’ now requires its employees to upload their vaccination status into their company’s database.

In June, Fox employees were encouraged to share their vaccination status as part of a program called the FOX Clear Pass. People with the pass would be allowed to forgo certain health screenings, and would not have to wear masks at work. This pass was publicly likened to a vaccine passport, the kind that Fox News personalities have criticized and claimed to be concerned about. 

In an interview with Time Magazine last month, Fox ‘News’ host and bigly White Supremacist, Tucker Carlson, compared asking someone about their vaccination status to a “super vulgar personal question,” like their HIV status or favorite sexual positions. Tucker has dedicated many segments of his lowbrow show to criticizing mask mandates claiming federal health officials want them solely to control people. Tucker has also claimed that the vaccines are deadlier than the government will admit.

Mega MAGAt Sean Hannity has repeatedly talked up “doctor-patient confidentiality” but has somewhat evolved recently only to revert back to a mouth breathing, knuckle dragging buffoon.

In July, Sean urged his minions to take COVID-19 serious and get vaccinated. “I believe in science and I believe in the science of vaccination.” The next day, he tried walking back his statement and now, Sean claims the vaccines don’t appear to protect us.

Watch CNN’s compilation of Fox ‘News’ misinformation campaign that is getting its viewers killed:

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