GUNZ: Woman Attempted to ‘Pistol Whip’ Man but Gun Went off Killing Him

DATELINE: LAS VEGAS – According to her arrest report, witnesses told police, Lucretia Ann Marie Smith, 28, and Mario Hunt, 31, got into a verbal argument inside a home and were asked to leave. Once they went outside, the fight became physical with both hitting each other.

The report said police obtained video surveillance from nearby residences that showed the fight and showed witnesses pulled the two apart. Hunt began walking south but Smith got into her SUV and chased after him. She confronted him and hit him in the head with a handgun. The firearm discharged striking Hunt in the forehead and he fell to the ground.

Smith was taken into custody during a traffic stop. A 9mm pistol was found between 2 mattresses in her room where she was staying.

During an interview with police, the arrest report said she admitted to being at the location of the shooting and having a gun with her. She told them the gun discharged when she was attempting to “pistol whip” Hunt.


“When she gets close to Mario, she holds the gun away from her thigh and raises it above her head and forcefully strikes it down hitting Mario,” police wrote in the report.

Police said the gun “instantaneously” discharged and Hunt fell to the ground.

“Lucretia stumbles and falls to her knees but quickly gets up and runs to the Jeep,” police said, adding that Smith left one of her sandals behind at the scene.

Lucretia is charged with one count of murder, and is being held without bail at Henderson Detention Center.

Las Vegas Review-Journal

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