Matt Gaetz Gets Married

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz got married on Catalina Island off the coast of California in a surprise small ceremony on Saturday.

The ceremony and celebration was so small that Gaetz cooked for the group, serving up a menu of BBQ chicken legs, grilled vegetables, and a watermelon salad.

On Friday, he of questionable morality and incredulous forehead space, shared this proud image of his soon-to-be bride.

Twitter is full of speculation that the Luckey-Gaetz couple tied the knot in order to keep her from testifying in any legal investigations under a “spousal privilege” clause.

According to Cornell Law School, Gaetz would run out of luck.

In order to invoke a spousal communications privilege, the party must establish that (a) at the time of the communication, the spouses were in a valid marriage; (b) the communications were intended to convey information between spouses, and neither spouse has disclosed the communication to a third party; and (c) the communications were intended to be confidential

The Justice Department is not commenting on the state of an investigation into Gaetz who has been accused of sex trafficking of a minor (which is illegal); sharing nude photos of women with his colleagues on the House floor; taking a sex-fueled jaunt to the Bahamas; and drug use.

Ginger’s sister, Roxanne Luckey, has shared her thoughts about Gaetz to The Daily Beast. She called him creepy and weird, and accused him of gaslighting her.

The new Mrs. Creepy McForehead says she is estranged from her sister, and that she is “mentally unwell.”

To read more about the Luckey lady, Vanity Fair offers one free article before hitting paywall.

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