Cyber Ninjas delay report on Arizona ballot review after CEO and two others ‘quite sick’ with COVID-19

The GOP-led, conspiracy-laden review of Maricopa County ballots has been criticized by a number of Republicans, Democrats and election experts.

Arizona Republicans will only receive a partial draft of findings from their partisan review of 2020 ballots on Monday after three people from the private company leading the so-called audit tested positive for Covid, state Senate President Karen Fann said in a statement.

“The team expected to have the full draft ready for the Senate today, but unfortunately Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan and two other members of the five-person audit team have tested positive for COVID-19 and are quite sick,” Fann said.


She did not indicate whether Logan and the others had been vaccinated. An audit spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Fann said that she still expected to receive “a portion” of the draft report of the ballot review, which has sharply divided Republicans in Arizona and been condemned by election experts around the country as biased and unprofessional.

The Washington Post:

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