Rep. Madison Cawthorn (Idiot-NC) falsely suggested our elections are rigged and ‘bloodshed’ will result if continued

At some Wing Nut fest at the Macon County Republican Party headquarters in Franklin, N.C, freshman Congresscritter Madison Cawthorn falsely suggested that elections in the United States are “rigged” and said there will be “bloodshed” if the country’s electoral system continues on its current path.

About a minute earlier in his remarks, Cawthorn was holding a shotgun that he signed as part of a raffle conducted by the county Republican Party.

The Washington Post:

A few days ago, Cawthorn sent a letter to Vice President Kamala Harris urging her to invoke the 25th Amendment and have President Biden removed from office. Like other ‘fullish’ Wing Nuts, he cannot even spell her name correctly.

Meet Cawthorn’s Democratic challenger. If possible, throw a few dollars Jasmine’s way. Kick these ‘fullish’ Wing Nuts to the curb:

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