Talko Tuesday: August 31, 2021

Wow–and another month has flown by. Just think, in a few more weeks, it will be fall, my favorite time of year.

Anyway. I wanted to take a few moments to welcome some new folks that appear to have come over from PBS Newshour. I guess the organization no longer wants comments on their articles. They probably don’t want to moderate it but, I could be wrong. But welcome to you all!

Periodically, I remind people about our Community Guidelines and suggest they read them. I especially suggest new members of our community read them so they know what to expect when posting comments on our website. It will mitigate and hopefully prevent any misunderstandings.

I also wanted to make people aware that Free Chat threads are where we go to chit chat about pretty much anything we want, within reason, of course, and not on the news articles. We want comments on our news articles to relate to the article not a bunch of random conversations or more appropriately, off topic nonsense. Friendly banter is fine but keep it to a minimum or find a free chat style thread to yuck it up.

And…if you want to share a recent article you found interesting, go to The Live Blog and post it there, please. That’s what the blog is for: sharing articles we may have missed—hence the name, In Case You Missed It. On Sundays, we do: Weekend Wrap Up, same thing.

One last item: DO NOT promote other websites. We want our members to remain here not fo there. If we see comments that promote other websites, we’ll delete them. We’re not an ad agency; we’re a news website.

So, on that note—Happy Tuesday. At least it isn’t Monday.

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