Ron Johnson Blames Trump for 2020 Defeat on Hidden Camera

One of Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters was caught on camera blaming Trump himself for losing the 2020 election.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson was at a GOP event in Milwaukee when a liberal activist pretending to be an election fraud believer recorded Johnson’s candid comments on camera.

Johnson argued with the activist that the reason Trump lost is because he underperformed compared to other Republicans, including himself.

Johnson spoke to the Washington Post about the undercover video, but said his comments surrounding Trump were “consistent with what I’ve been saying publicly on the 2020 election, no need for hidden cameras and secret recordings.” Johnson said he has previously “acknowledged that we should respect our system of individual state certification of election results, and that in Wisconsin, there is nothing obviously wrong with the statewide results.”

Biden won Wisconsin by approximately 21,000 votes, but Johnson still is in favor of an election audit in his state that would cost taxpayers $680,000.

Johnson said he had recently spoken to sanctioned lawyer Sidney Powell, and disagreed that the focus of an audit in his state should focus on the voting machines.

“I come from the accounting world. An audit is what you define it to be,” Johnson said. “People think that there’s some magic thing called a forensic audit. In my mind, I know what things I’d concentrate on. And I’ll tell you, the last thing I’d focus on would be the machines. … I really do think we’re too much concentrated on the machines.”

But Johnson isn’t pointing to any specific aspects to audit, perhaps it’s only to appease voters.

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