‘All Hail Donald Trump’: Florida Man Goes Berserk Following Hit-and-Run Crash On His Wedding Day

Nicholas Ruthenberg getting some help posing for his mug shot

SEPTEMBER 3–After fleeing from the scene of an auto crash he caused, a 25-year-old motorist–who was married earlier in the day and appeared under the influence–declared “All hail Donald Trump” before scuffling with Florida jailers who sought to restrain him, according to court records.

Nicholas Ruthenberg was driving the wrong way in Vero Beach when he collided with a vehicle driving the opposite way. He was arrested near the site and appeared to be under the influence of something.

Once at the jail house, he said “All hail Donald Trump”.  He flunked the sobriety tests. He was then given a breathalyzer, his blood alcohol level was 0.0. 

As a cop prepared the urine test, Ruthenberg “started to take his pants off and then spread his buttocks. During which time he placed two fingers in his anus.” Ruthenberg was then placed back in handcuffs.

As seen in nuptial photos posted to Facebook, Ruthenberg was married August 30, the day he was arrested. His bride turned 20 that day, according to the couple’s marriage certificate. The duo was wed by a clerk at the Indian River County Courthouse in Vero Beach, to which Ruthenberg will return October 1 for his arraignment.

◾️The car crash happened just a few blocks from the location of the blessed nuptials.

◾️Ruthenberg is a registered Democrat. When he registered he listed his email address as ifarted69@gmail.com.

The Smoking Gun

Read the police report here and here.

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