Angry QAnon Backers Want Hospital to Treat Supporter’s COVID-19 With Ivermectin

Michael Flynn with Veronica Wolski


Veronica Wolski, who’s known for boosting anti-vaccine and QAnon conspiracies from a bridge in Chicago, was hospitalized two weeks ago after contracting COVID-19. She is a patient at Amita Resurrection Hospital in Chicago, according to posts on her Telegram channel.

Key backers of the QAnon conspiracy theory are carrying out a coordinated campaign against Amita Resurrection Medical Center a Northwest Side hospital that has refused to prescribe an unapproved drug to treat one of the group’s followers for COVID-19.

This did not sit well with Wolski and her followers, so Wolski’s friends launched a campaign to force the hospital authorities to relent. 

The campaign, organized via her Telegram channel, which is now being run by her friends, said that Wolski “is being held as a medical hostage” and that her “advocatives” have been barred from the premises. 

A flyer for a Monday protest at Resurrection explained the female patient had been hospitalized there for two weeks with “Covid pneumonia.” The flyer, circulated on the messaging app Telegram, claimed a doctor who initially agreed to give her ivermectin later backtracked because the hospital sided with public health experts who “do not advise its use in COVID-19 cases.”

Not crazy enough yet?

L. Lin Wood, an attorney who helped file lawsuits supporting former President Donald Trump’s unfounded voter fraud claims, is among the QAnon faithful who have contacted the staff at Resurrection about her case. He explained in a Telegram post Mondaythat he called the hospital and insisted to an employee that the woman “had a legal right to try ivermectin.”

Mr. Wood, later complained that he was told ivermectin was not on the agenda. He said the person was rude to him and hung up on him.

Enter Michael Flynn, who offered prayers on his Telegram account. He said the woman was a “friend and patriot.”

The results of the prayers have not been reported.

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