Governor Abbott Says Rape Victims Will Have At Least Six Weeks to Get an Abortion

Texas Governor Greg Abbott defended his state’s strict new abortion law, saying that it doesn’t force victims of rape and incest to carry babies to term because it “provides at least 6 weeks for a person to be able to get an abortion.” 

He also emphasized that “rape is a crime and Texas will work tirelessly that we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them and getting them off the streets.” 

The Texas Department of Public Safety reported in 2019 there were 14,650 cases of rape and only 3,900 arrests.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke with Anderson Cooper and explained the ignorance of Abbott and his “heartbeat bill.”

In other news of ignorance in Texas, Abbott also signed a GOP voter suppression law.