Coughing Karen Identified, Fired From Her Job

Janene Hoskovec is an Arizona woman and former SAP employee accused of coughing on a mother and daughter who were shopping at a Super Saver grocery store in Lincoln, Nebraska. Video of the September 3, 2021, incident went viral after it was posted on social media. The 55-year-old Hoskovec works for SAP and the company said in a statement it is “investigating the situation.” The maskless woman in the video confronted the other shoppers because they were wearing masks.

Late on September 8, 2021 SAP said, “We have reviewed the incident and can confirm that the individual in question no longer works for SAP.”

The video was first posted on Reddit by the woman who was coughed on. She titled the video on the Lincoln subreddit, “Anti-Mask Karen Deliberately Coughing on me at South 27th Super Saver.” It was also posted on TikTok by her 13-year-old daughter, and went viral there as well. It spread on Twitter after it was shared by popular accounts like Fifty Shades of Whey, who wrote in his tweet, “COVID-denier in Nebraska coughs on shoppers at a supermarket. … This woman was last seen at a Super Saver in Lincoln, Nebraska deliberately coughing on innocent people & spraying her aerosols in the middle of a deadly pandemic.”

Hoskovec was first named as being the woman in the video by TikTok creator ThatDaneshGuy, who is known for investigating and finding people in viral videos and stories. Danesh, who said he worked along with another TikTok user, Guilt, to confirm Hoskovec’s identity, posted a video naming her on September 7, 2021, leading to the statement from SAP.

 ◾️Janene Hoskovec has a law degree.

◾️SAP is a German based soft-ware company.

◾️Hoskovec lives in Arizona, but has family in Lincoln.

◾️Lincoln PD is investigating.

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