GOP Governors and RNC Threaten Court Action On President Biden’s Mandates

Several GOP governors threatened legal action over the President’s plan to fight the pandemic by ordering the Labor Department to require private businesses with over 100 employees to require either vaccinations or weekly testing for their employees. The plan would affect more than 80 million employees, as about one quarter of eligible Americans have refused the vaccine.

The plan does not offer the testing alternative to federal workers or contractors.

Biden said, “It is about protecting yourself and those around you, the people you work with, the people you care about, the people you love.”

Ronna McDaniel, who claims to be pro-vaccine, tweeted this nonsense:

Several GOP governors joined in calling Biden’s plan “overreach,” including Georgia’s Brian Kemp, South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, Arizona’s Doug Ducey, Oklahoma’s Kevin Stitt, and Nebraska’s Pete Ricketts.

Other reactions included some weak moments from members of Congress.

Some other reactions, such as this one in a cornfield in Ohio, seemed to call for violence.

Jennifer Shinall, a professor of employment law at Vanderbilt University, told Forbes legal challenges against the orders are “likely to fail” given the strong legal precedent for the mandate for federal workers and the power of the federal government to control where its funds go.

Officials said those who don’t comply could face fines of up to $14,000 per violation.

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