Pence Aide Reveals Trump Does His Own Make-up

Breaking Revelations!

A former White House communications director and press secretary for Mike Pence revealed in a podcast that the Former Guy always did his own makeup.

Alyssa Farah, in the first podcast of “One Decision,” spoke candidly and said she was never sought out for Trump touchups because, “you don’t touch the Donald Trump face.”

(*and who would want to?)

Trump also had a favorite mirror that was discovered backstage at an event. TFG was so impressed with the mirror that he ordered it lugged back to the White House.

“We always have roughly the same mirror that we have backstage, but there was one time we were backstage, and for whatever reason, he particularly liked the mirror, I guess the way it was positioned,” Farah recalled. “He turns to me, he says, ‘Look at this. This is a skinny mirror,’ he says,” she continued.  “Take this back to the White House,'” Trump told her. “We used it [at] every event.”

On a more serious note, Farah said she regrets not pushing harder for more mask-wearing during her time at the Trump White House.

“I told the president he looked good when he wore a mask and I remember one of the times he infamously did,” Farah said. “It was at my encouraging and a couple other folks, but I wish I’d pushed harder on it. And I think I could have had more success on it.”

This story was at The Hill