NC Brewery Bans Church From Sharing Their Parking Lot Over Refusal to Wear Masks

Preacher Joel Osteen with Pastors Troy and Penny Maxwell at Freedom House Church, nuff said.


“We will no longer allow this church to use our parking lot on Sundays,” Chris Harker, owner of Triple C Brewing Co. posted on Facebook Friday, referring to Freedom House Church. “Freedom isn’t always free I guess.”

Harker said the decision was made with the best interests of the community.

In a 5-4 vote, Mecklenburg County commissioners on Wednesday agreed to remove the exemption for religious organizations from the mask mandate that takes effect on Sept. 22.

Penny and Troy Maxwell, the married senior pastors of the church, have expressed their opposition to the mandate in social media posts and a statement to The Charlotte Observer. 

“Mecklenburg County is messing with the wrong people,” Penny Maxwell said in an Instagram video, adding, “Our lawyers are ready to go.”

North Carolina reported 5877 new COVID cases Friday.

The Charlotte Observer

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