UPDATE: Veronica Wolski, QAnoner at the Center of Ivermectin Firestorm, Dies of COVID-19 

This is an update to “Angry QAnon Backers Want Hospital to Treat Supporter’s COVID-19 With Ivermectin” from last Thursday 9/9/21


She Should’ve Listened to Dr. Fauci

A woman who became the center of a harassment campaign against a Chicago hospital as QAnon supporters demanded they treat her COVID-19 diagnosis with ivermectin has died, according to reports.

Veronica Wolski, a popular QAnon advocate best known for hanging banners from a bridge in Chicago, died in the early hours of Monday morning after spending weeks in hospital with COVID-19.

Her death was announced on Telegram by conspiracy theorist Lin Wood, one of the biggest and most influential QAnon supporters. Wood previously urged his 814,000 Telegram followers to ring up the Amita Health Resurrection Medical Center and demand that Wolski be treated with ivermectin instead of approved and tested drugs or vaccines.


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