Afghanistan Hearing devolves into chaos when the GOP Representatives forget the topic, the rules of order and their indoor voices.

  • A House hearing spiraled out of control when a GOP congressman asked misleading questions.
  • He refused to let Secretary of State Antony Blinken respond and repeatedly shouted over others.
  • “I do not wish to hear from you,” GOP Rep. Brian Mast said even after his time was up.

A House of Representatives hearing on Monday about the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan spiraled into chaos when a Republican congressman used his time to spread misleading information and shout over others even after he was told his speaking time was up.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee held the hearing, at which US Secretary of State Antony Blinken testified about the timeframe surrounding the US’s withdrawal of troops and the collapse of the Afghan government.

Mast, a US veteran who lost both his legs in Afghanistan after a 2010 bomb blast, mentioned those comments Monday and falsely cited them as evidence that Biden “worked with the coward exiled president of Afghanistan to manipulate the intelligence about the Taliban.” (Ghani fled the country as the Taliban took over the country in August.)

Blinken pushed back on that characterization, saying: “What the president said to then-President Ghani in private is exactly what he said in public: that the issue was not whether Afghanistan had the capacity to withstand the Taliban, it’s whether it had the will and the plan to do so–“

Source: Business Insider