Weekend Wrap up: September 19, 2021

It’s Sunday and the weekend has come to an end. Below are a few articles and events we might have missed but are worthy of discussion. And in case you missed the Sunday shows, we got you covered. Please feel free to add your own headlines we might have missed.


Let’s see just how ‘concerned’ the GQP truly is when they find out this family wants to immigrate to the US:

Afghan family ravaged by U.S. drone strike mistake wants headstones for the dead — and possible new life in America

Taliban order female city workers in Kabul to stay home

Biden Administration:


FDA panel endorses coronavirus boosters for older adults and those at risk of serious illness

Pay attention, GQP: The recommendation is not binding. A decision about boosters from the FDA is expected by next week.

Should’ve Got the Vaccine:

Wing Nuts refusing to get vaccinated to own the Libs: Delta perceptions lock Biden’s economy in perpetual purgatory

Nine months into the Biden presidency, “normalcy” remains the dream for Democrats.

Jobless claims edge up as latest COVID-19 wave takes toll

The vaccines are safe, effective and….FREE!: The days of full covid coverage are over. Insurers are restoring deductibles and co-pays, leaving patients with big bills.

Large insurance companies waived cost-sharing for coronavirus care in 2020, but it has sprung back in 2021

Overfilled ICUs put non-COVID patients’ health at risk: “These are people suffering unnecessarily”

Should’ve Listened to Dr. Fauci and Not Some ‘Fullish’ MAGAt:

The Sunday Shows:

Great clip. The full segment of Gov. Covidiot, whose state is last in everything that matters, and Jake Tapper’s exchange found below:

The American Taliban/MAGAts/Wing Nuts:

It was the lamest demonstration in history…PERIOD!: Hundreds Rally In Support Of Capitol Riot Suspects Amid Heightened Police Presence

Oh, boo hoo, you useless twit:

World News:

The world’s tallest populace is shrinking, and scientists want to know why:

  • For years, the Netherlands has held the world title for having the tallest people on the planet. But new data from the office for national statistics suggests that the height of the average Dutch person is shrinking. And scientists are puzzled as to the reasons.

State News:

How to Trigger a ‘Fullish’ MAGAt:

Remind him that he doesn’t grasp ‘bigly concepts’ and his McMath sucks. Larry Elder did not receive 48% of the total LatinX vote in Tuesday’s recall election. MAGAt Larry received 48% of the LatinX vote of those who voted to recall Gov. Newsom and chose another candidate. Furthermore, even these stats could be inaccurate because…pay attention, lurker…this is a sampling of an exit poll. Derp! Are your really that ‘board,’ man? 😂

Alabama recorded more deaths than births in 2020, marking a first in state historyOther News:

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