Mike Lindell Says Trump’s Reinstatement is Now Thanksgiving

MyPillow Guy, Mike Lindell, originally predicted Trump would be reinstated in August, then September, and now he promises it will be before Thanksgiving.

He blamed the media, particularly Fox News, because it did not happen sooner.

Lindell appeared on Steve Bannon’s show Real America  to announce his latest prediction.

“Originally I had hoped for August and September. I asked all the lawyers just yesterday. We are taking this case to the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving. Now maybe Fox [News] will report that today. You heard it here first because our case is ready. We are bringing it to the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving.”

“This evidence is 100% non-subjective evidence and that the Supreme Court, they’re going to vote 9-nothing to take it in.  We will have this before the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving. That’s my promise to the people of this country. We’re all in this together. We worked very hard on this.”

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