New Zealand Smugglers Arrested With A Trunk Full of KFC

Two men in New Zealand were arrested by police with a trunk full of bootleg KFC chicken, cole slaw, and other KFC items as they attempted to smuggle the goods into Auckland, the country’s largest city.

Under the City of Auckland’s strict coronavirus lockdown measures, restaurants, including take-out services, are remaining closed under a Level Four high alert. Residents must remain at home with only essential services open. The rest of the country is at a Level Two alert, with bars, cafes, and restaurants open, with people able to leave their homes.

Police were patrolling on the outskirts of the city when they noticed a suspicious vehicle. Upon seeing the officers, the occupants of the vehicle made a u-turn and sped off, before eventually pulling over.

Police searched the vehicle and found at least three buckets of chicken, about 10 cups of cole slaw, an undisclosed amount of fries, and four large bags containing other KFC items.

Also seized in the stop was about $70,000 in cash and several empty ounce baggies.

Auckland residents have been in the throes of temptation for about a month in high level lockdown, without being able to eat out or order take-out food. Fast food has taken on an illicit nature, with a man last month being charged by police for posting a social media photo of himself crossing the Auckland City border in search of a McDonald’s.

In New Zealand, a breach of the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act can result in imprisonment for up to six months, or a fine of up to $4,000.

The two smugglers, ages 23 and 30, are due in court to face charges of breaching the Health Order. Police said that further charges were likely.

CNN and The Guardian