Talko Tuesday: September 21, 2021

Good morning, News Viewers and Happy Tuesday.

Projects: Just like springtime, I tend to tackle several projects in the fall, mainly because the weather isn’t too cold and the heat is no longer relentless. Although, the weather calls for yucky mid 90s the rest of the week. I hope it’s summer’s last blast and fall comes rushing in but, I’m being way too hopeful.

So, what projects do you plan to tackle before the weather turns cold, rainy, or snowy depending on where you live?

I have redone three garden boxes (so far) and filled them with some unique, low lying shrubs and fall themed flowers; the colors are stunning. In the spring, I will put most of them in the ground since I’m redoing our backyard landscape. I’m planning on doing the same in the spring with our front yard but Mr. G and I have yet to agree on exactly what we want to do. He can’t get beyond grass and grass no longer works where we live because of drought and even when we’re not in a drought, we still have water restrictions. So, the grass always looks just crappy. Plus, we have too many trees and one that is nearly 100 years old with gnarly roots so grass really doesn’t work around that beast.

I also started a winter themed planter in an 80 qt. stockpot some old man gave me years ago. Even when I catered a lot, I never made 80qts. of Marinara sauce so, it pretty much sat in my garage collecting stuff. Plus, it’s open aluminum and I don’t like making anything acidic in non-anodized aluminum; it changes the taste. Whenever one of us couldn’t find a place for something in our garage, into the pot it went. Rolls of wrapping paper stood up nicely in it because it’s seriously that tall and wide; it’s huge.

I took out my drill, drilled some drain holes in the bottom of the pot, and painted it. I did a faux/sponge painting in various shades of green and I’m impressed, it really turned out nice. It screams, “please plant some ivy trailing down the sides of me, please,” which I already did since I have a bunch of ivy in other pots. In a few months, I will add some cedar/fir/or very dwarf pine in it. Think winter-

So tell me if you have any projects going or will soon start? If you don’t have anything planned, no worries; just have some fun talking to one another.

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